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united trades radio live

United Trades Radio Live is a radio show dedicated to improving the quality of life for all working people.  Our mission is to create more trade unionists by educating union members to not only recognize, but to appreciate the just-cause requirement of their collective bargaining agreements, the grievance procedure, and having a voice at the workplace through the collective bargaining process.

We aim to raise awareness by educating all workers that it is perfectly alright to be grateful for the job they currently have and to still desire more.  They call it work for a reason, but workers should always be treated with respect and go home with dignity every day.  Labor unions have always strived to create better opportunities for working people, and we want our radio show to be utilized as a tool to further advance a more robust Labor Movement.

United Trades Radio broadcasts live shows with interviews of union members, labor leaders, labor educators, union activists, labor attorneys, and a whole range of people and organizations making a positive contribution towards the Labor Movement.  We will be covering current events and appreciating Labor’s history and its accomplishments.  Education, inspiration, empowerment, and mobilization will be our focus on every show.

Our sponsors will also have the ability to reach out to their membership, students, clients, etc. by having their communications and announcements read during our shows.  

United Trades Radio Live is honored to serve the Labor Movement and our communities.