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Randy Korgan, Teamsters JC 42 Director of Organizing

July 16, 2012


We will be broadcasting live with our next show on Sunday, July 22, 2012 at 5:00 P.M. as we interview Teamsters Joint Council 42's Director of Organizing, Randy Korgan. Brother Korgan is pushing full steam ahead as he mobilizes thousands of Southern California Teamsters into action to defeat California Proposition 32 in this November's election.

If it becomes law, CA Prop 32 would put workers and their unions at a disadvantage in their efforts to protect workers and their families.

Make sure to tune in and find out how Brother Korgan and all of the militant Teamsters from Southern California are mobilizing to defeat this anti-worker initiative by an extremely large margin.

United Trades Radio Live is calling on all labor organizations to ask their members to listen to this show to create worker solidarity in California as we defeat CA Prop 32 and put a stop to this attack on working people and their families!